3764 Sales Agent Sport, textil Personalization of sports textiles for clubs, associations, communities, etc. France
3824 Sales Agent Furniture Spanish manufacturer interior furniture, melamine furniture *France
3944 Sales Agent Sanitary Manufacturer Led bathroom mirrors manufacturer  
3836 Sales Agent Decoration Candles, scents, top-of-the-range diffusers manufacturer France
3878 Sales Agent Furniture Supplies Supplies and accessories to manufacture furniture, fittings, hinges, handles France
3917 Sales Agent Coatings Paints and varnishies for wood, plastic and metal products France
3850 Sales Agent Food & Beverage (Dep. stores) Spanish company, commercializes sauces and condiments from Asia, soybean France
3888 Sales Agent -Distributor Food & Beverage Spanish sausage products for GMS, GSA (ham, chorizo, sausage ...) France
  Sales Agent Frozen food Meat handler (beef, pork, poultry,lamb...) frozen to HORECA sector France
3957 Distributor EHPAD Manufacturer  France
3869 Sales Agent Industry  Manufacturer of textil products for nursing homes France
3930 Sales Agent Industry *Design and manufacture of turnkey machines
*Design and manufacture of control tools
*Design and manufacture of assembly tools
*Control of templates
3954 Sales Agent Industry, plastic injection Manufacturer of hot injection systems, nozzles, small components per molds, thermometry... France
3913 Sales Agent Paints Spanish manufactuer for paint professionals. Building, DIY, industrial paints...Fabrica Rhône Alpes
3892 Sales Agent Flexible packaging Company specialized in flexible packaging, sleeve, labels...                                                                              for food, beverage, cosmetic industry France
3671 Sales Agent Hardware Magnesium hammer manufacturer France, grand ouest
3819 Sales Agent Swimming pools Development and manufacturing of high quality salt electrolysis equipment. Water treatment France
3703 Sales Agent Cork stoppers Catalan company manufactures cork stoppers Languedoc

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